Healthism Yoga: Here is why you should do restorative yoga.

Dr Healthism
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  • 21 Jun, 2019 10:43 am

a. Reduce anxiety:

The deep relaxed state you attain during restorative yoga allows you to physically release accumulated stress and anxiety in the form of tight muscles and a busy mind. You’ll leave the yoga session feeling calm and peaceful.That is a very much of a need in todays hectic world of running around.

b. Manage pain:

If you live with chronic or intermittent pain, restorative yoga can help you relax your muscles so that pain may be relieved. The more often you practice, the more likely you are to reduce pain in a natural way.

c. Lose weight:
Restorative yoga helped overweight people trim subcutaneous fat. One explanation was that restorative yoga might reduce cortisol levels. This stress hormone rises when a person becomes anxious and has been found to result in more abdominal fat.It also helps in better metabolism which in turn helps to lose weight.

d. Increase flexibility:

The prolonged poses of restorative yoga enable you to release the tensions your body holds. This can make you more limber and flexible.This happens specially because it calms the mind down and there is a better connect between body and mind which results in better reflex and flexibility.

e. Heal emotional pain:

Restorative yoga is a meditative experience that may result in some soul-searching. “In addition to getting deep into the muscles, restorative yoga gets deep into the emotions,”. “When your mind slows down, you may start to feel various emotions.” Also because one can reflect better with a calmer self and introspect and get rid of unnecessary emotional baggages one carries.

f. Get better sleep:

Some restorative yoga practitioners find that the relaxing effects of this type of yoga help them to get better sleep.

g. Practice just about anywhere:

Restorative yoga can be done wherever you can comfortably lie down. If you don’t have any props available, you can use items like pillows and blankets.

h. Helps with recovery from illness:

Restorative yoga is one of the only types of “exercises” that won’t strain you if you’re ill. In fact, this type of yoga’s deep relaxation effects can facilitate faster healing.

i. Easy to do:

Restorative yoga simply requires that you ease into poses and make adjustments as needed. There’s very little to no straining involved.

j. Good self-care:

“Restorative yoga provides you with sacred ‘you’ time,”. “This is a great way to put yourself first.”


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