Problems of Indian healthcare system

Problems in Indian healthcare system

It is a sad reality that people in rural areas die because of lack of medical facility and health care infrastructure. India’s IMR and MMR are among the highest in the world. The rate of suicide is abnormally high, in fact health of people from tribal community is lowest amongst all.
Health care is not only medical care, but also all aspects of preventive care as well. WHO defines health as “State of total physical, mental and social well-being and not a mere absence of disease or infirmity”. But, in India, there is no such health wellbeing.
Let’s look at the problems of health care in India
1.Neglect of rural population: A serious drawback in our Indian healthcare system is neglect of rural population. Doctors are unwilling to serve in rural areas. Number of hospitals in rural area if very less compared to what we have in urban area. Rural population in India consist of 75% of total population, but the number of hospital beds are only 16%.
2. Expensive health service: health services in India especially, allopathic hits hard on common man. Cost of medicines have gone up, becomes quite hard for common man to cope with all the medicines. Therefore, emphasis should be given to alternative systems of medicines. Ayurveda, unani, homeopathy are less costly and will serve common man in a better way.
3. India faces high burden of disease because of lack of environmental sanitation and safe drinking water, under-nutrition, poor living conditions, and limited access to preventive and curative health services.
4. Expenditure on health by government is not looked as an investment, it is looked as a dead loss. Our government should look into healthcare sector seriously, and make adequate amount of investment.
Lack of awareness is a problem which is faced in building access to healthcare. Mass awareness is important since even if the treatment is free, unless the masses are educated and informed about the symptoms of the diseases, its repercussions and complications and finally the treatment available; there is no guarantee that people will avail these.
I hope with this article people are now aware of the problems that our country faces and try to overcome it as soon as possible

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