Problems in Indian Healthcare system

India is a vast and diverse country which accounts for almost 17 percent of total world population in only 2.4 percent of total geographical area of the world. This clearly suggests that our nation is highly overpopulated which brings in a lot of concerns and the most important of all is the degraded healthcare system in India. India is ranked 154 among 195 countries on the Healthcare access and quality index by The Lancet. It proves to be a big resistance to our march towards development.
The doctor population in India is 1:1,500 when compared to an estimated 1:1,000 in China and 1:350 in the United States (USA). In urban India, the ratio is estimated at around 1:500 while rural India it is at around 1:2,500.India has less than 1 bed per 1,000 population compared to a ratio of 3 for China and 3.1 for USA. These statistics clearly indicate that there is an acute shortage of medical colleges and hospitals in India. Also very few students chose medicine as a profession because of high education cost and competition. The problem becomes worse in rural areas where the proximity to healthcare decreases. Hospitals are far away from the households and one has to face long queues at these hospitals. On top of that ,the hospitals are not at all up to the standards lacking basic facilities like water, electricity, beds etc. Even the doctors are reluctant to work in rural areas which is a matter of shame to us.
So far we have discussed the accessibility and condition of the healthcare services in India. But what about the affordability? The answer is not a surprise that the healthcare services are highly unaffordable in India. With lack of government hospitals in both rural and urban areas, people are forced to get treated from private hospitals and clinics which charge heavily .Many doctors fake diseases or problems just to charge more for the diagnosis. Clinics refer patients to irrelevant tests so as to get commission. Healthcare which should be considered as a noble profession is now only about money to the medical practitioners. The patients do not get relief after getting diagnosed, they face more difficulties in buying medicines. Most of the chemists sell expired medicines that too at a high cost. The problem is worse in rural areas where some medicines are not even available. Another important problem in our healthcare system is of refusal to healthcare. We have heard of many cases where the hospitals refuse to admit patients even if they are in critical condition only because they are not able to pay the medical fees.
It is high time that the government should work upon the flaws in our healthcare system. It should build more and more hospitals and post more doctors in rural areas. It should implement norms for fair and affordable treatment so that no one gets overcharged and should ensure proper circulation of medicines and provide it to the common public at concessional rates. Also the doctors should work with their profession ethics and stay away from malpractices. At the end we ourselves should remain healthy so that the condition of approaching a doctor doesn’t even arrive. We should always raise our voice whenever required for the improvement in healthcare services or else the country will remain in the current state only. Lets together work for a healthy India and make it a better place to live.

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