Attracting talent to a startup or small business can be a headache, even though startup founders are in a strong position when it comes to offering the buzz and challenge of a new enterprise, including flexibility, more involvement and sense of purpose.

Employers recognised as the “best to work for” attract and retain talent pools with a full welfare service for employees and their families, including everything from free health screening and private medical care to counselling, childcare, financial advice, fitness club memberships and massage therapies.

We at Healthism can assist you to formulate and design a simple yet effective employee welfare plan that can work in a very cost effective way.

Healthism for SME plan includes:

  • Tailor made insurance plans for the sme employees
  • Healthism Savings card for savings money on out of pocket expenses.
  • An enterprise application for employee wellness management.

If you are small business owner or run a start up, please leave your details and we will connect with you shortly with a detailed proposal.