Healthism Enterprise

Too often employers forget that the source of their healthcare costs is a direct result of the health conditions, lifestyle habits, and the medical service utilization of their employees.

To address this, Healthism is partnering with employers across India to bring down the cost of basic healthcare and instill the habit of healthy lifestyle.

Healthism Enterprise is:

A health benefits solution that identifies and addresses the root cause of the high healthcare costs

Level-funded plan designs to meet every group’s needs

Customized health plans offering a wide range of provider network choices

Integrated, personalized employee health improvement program at no additional cost

Reward incentives to employees for healthy lifestyle improvements

Unique cost-saving features including 5-50% Outpatient Lab Benefit, Diabetic Supply Benefit,medicine and pharmacy supply benefit.

Benefits of Healthism Enterprise:
Proactive management of healthcare benefit costs
Control over rising medical costs
Reduced absenteeism
Boost in productivity of employees
Enhanced ability to recruit and retain quality employees

Healthism Enterprise program includes:

An enterprise application for employee wellness management
Best in the market insurance coverage
Heathism Savings Card for Out of pocket expenses

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