Healthcare for Industrial India

India is a developing country and it is quite understood that during the developing phase of any nation, more and more industries are set up and construction work is at full swing. Much needed investments are made in the industrial sector. India has almost 2.5 lakhs registered industries and there are many more informal or unregistered small scale industries. These industries consist of heavy electrical and mechanical machines, work with highly combustible fuels, generate a huge amount of hazardous waste. Therefore it is obvious that the people working in these industries are more prone to health risks than anyone else. This is why we all should know about industrial healthcare and its importance.
Industrial healthcare is very much different from the healthcare that we, the common people receive. Although the motive remains same –“ to prevent any kind of mishappening”. In industries these mishappenings are more probable. We all must have seen that the industrial labour is always in protective gear so as to protect themselves from any accident as they are working with heavy and large machines which may contain blades and sharp edges. Masons at construction sites are made to wear helmets to prevent any head injury in case of a mishap. In chemical factories the workers are made to wear masks as they remain exposed to harmful chemicals and gases. So protection is one aspect. Another aspect is better working conditions. It is very obvious that if one does not get to work in better working conditions, the person will not feel well. If a worker is made to work more than his capability that too in unfavourable conditions like heat and humidity, it is most probable that he/she might feel sick both physically and mentally. To prevent this, the industries should have proper ventilation so as to provide a comparatively cooler environment to work and workers should get better wages so that they get to live a better life.
Next comes treatment in case of a mishap. Each and every industry nowadays works with machines and electricity. Therefore it is highly probable that a person may get an electrical shock or an injury or any other unfortunate event may occur. So the victim should get treatment as quickly as possible. Each and every industry howsoever small it is, must contain a health department with well qualified doctors who are proactive. Basic treatment facilities should be there in each factory. Every industry should have an affiliation with a nearby hospital which will commit the hospital to provide treatment in case of a serious emergency. In India many masons and labourers die just because they do not get intensive care at right time because there is no hospital nearby. The factory or industry officials are responsible to provide health insurance to each and every worker so that in case of an unfortunate loss of a worker, his/her family’s future remains intact. Last but not the least, the workers themselves should also care about their health and well being. Many a times we see that the workers are working without the gear provided to them, or they are found not wearing helmets. They should understand that this carelessness may cost them their lives.
Talking about the situation in India, the conditions are worse. The workers are working in degraded environment in all industries. They are paid less and made to work more. Also most of the industries lack basic healthcare facilities which should be there. India ranks very low among other countries in providing better working conditions to its workers. The government should look into the matter and ensure all the industries follow the safety norms set up. We should also make the workers aware about their right to healthcare and better working conditions. If we do not keep our working class healthy how can we expect our nation to be healthy and developed.

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