Health circle chat with Aditya Prasad

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  • 12 Jul, 2018 3:00 pm

In Health Circle segment, we would like to have a tete a tete with people from varied social strata and understand their health care regime and mantra and highlight the same to the world so that others can benefit out of the knowledge,routines and thoughts.


Today we are in conversation with Mr.Aditya Prasad, a sales and marketing professional from Bangalore and currently working with Perfios as Chief Evangelist


Tell us a bit about yourself. Your professional backgorund.

[Adi]: I have a management degree and have been in Sales for more than 16 years in Bangalore. I have worked for various organisations including William Penn, ICICI Pru, and Mindtree. Am currently with Perfios Software working as Chief Evangelist for the last 9+ years. Have been with Perfios from the very beginning when we had zero revenue, today we are profitable, have 5 offices in India, 1 coming up in Malaysia and already have clients from UAE, Singapore and ofcourse market leader in India.

How do you take care of your health?

[Adi]: I ensure I do a minimum of 10000 steps in a day. I also eat all my meals in small quantities but at a regular interval. I take zero sugar in any of my food, anytime.

What is your personal and family health and wellness mantra.

[Adi] Keep Walking!

How important you feel Healthcare is to a person, specially when we hardly have time for ourselves in a busy life style.

[Adi]: Each one of us have only 24 hours. There are so many who have a very good and healthy routine maintaining work life balance. Giving importance to health is very important and not optional at all. Like financial planning, it should be looked into very early in one’s professional life.

Have you faced any health scare anytime in life? If yes, how did you overcome it.

[Adi]: No I have not.

How do you ensure your family members are health and fine?

[Adi]: I talk to all my family members and ensure they also follow the healthy regime.

How do you balance work life and health and wellness on a daily basis?

[Adi]: I walk the talk, as already mentioned I ensure I do 10000 steps each day, irrespective of which location I am. I travel a lot and still ensure I could walk wherever possible.

Do you exercise regularly? if yes, what kind of exercise.

[Adi]: I walk everyday without fail.

How do you plan for your healthcare expenses and contingencies?

[Adi]: I have take life insurance and health insurance (from office and personal)

One healthcare advise you want to give to all of us.

[Adi]: Being healthy is in your hands, just start by walking every day. Gym syndrome comes and goes (mostly in January it rises) but self discipline and self motivation can keep you healthy effortlessly.


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