What are Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are internal or external gifts provided by the top management or ex- ecutives to other people. Internal gifts are defined as gifts that are given to staff, managers, executives, or between shareholders. They are exclusive gifts to everyone involved in the operations and decision-making strategies of the company. External gifts are gifts the company gives to clients. The gifts could be given to the client if the client is new to the company. External gifts can also be given if the company wants to reward the client for the years the client has remained in relation to the company.

Benefits of Gifting to employees and clients:1.Build Company Cohesion and Morale
2.Better productivity with better health of the employees.
3.Build Brand Image
4.Attract New Customers and Clients
5.Build a strong bond and relationship.
6.Unique gift that gives a humane touch to the act of gifting.

Why Gift IHealthism Care Card?With healthcare costs continuing to soar across India and tens of millions of people lacking any form of health insurance whatsoever, this seems like a great gift item that says two things about the act of gifting:

A). You care for the health and wellbeing of the person.
B).You are helping them to bring down the cost of healthcare and save a lot of money in the time of medial emergency.

Benefits Healthism Savings Card:

Localised presence:Our service providers are everywhere, so for employees living in different parts of the city and region, it becomes convenient to go to the local service provider.

Special privileged pricing:Special privileged Pricing at various medical touch points like pathology labs, diagnostic centers, hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, spa and wellness centers, pharmacies etc.

Fill the gaps of mediclaim:Not every test is covered in mediclaim.
For mediclaim, one needs to be hospitalized and admitted but with Healthism Savings card, it’s not the case. One can avail discounts even if they are not hos- pitalized.
Employees get discounts even in places like dental care, wellness which are not covered by mediclaim.

One family one card:This card is valid for year and can be used for the entire family.
There is no upper limit on the discount amount and you can use the card unlimited times.

Instant Discount:You don’t have to wait for discount. These are on the spot cash discounts.

No outer limit on the discount:There is no outer limit on how much discount one can get.

Discount on out of pocket expenses:Healthism Savings card helps you get discount on out of pocket expenses over and above mediclaim.

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