Choosing a right health plan for the elderly beings

Meha Kumari
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  • 23 Mar, 2019 10:46 am

With advancing age expenses on health and well-being is bound to increase. What acts as a rescue here is a appropriate health plan or an right insurance cover. Also there are en-number of health insurance for senior citizens available for our choices to be made. What is important here is proper comparison, evaluation and selection of the right policy. One should go for the insurance policy providing hospitalization charges including doctors fees, cost of medicines, nursing, cashless hospitalization facilities across any network, covering preexisting diseases. The good part worth mentioning here is premium for health insurance is exempted from tax. Secondly one should have proper knowledge of elderly’s medical history. Before disclosing that cross verification is a must. Proper feeding of information is very crucial in case of applying to buy the insurance in order to avoid rejection for that. Further doctors on the insurance firm’s panel will then do the necessary verification and that may ask for some medical tests pertaining to that. Also there are few policies which does not need such cumbersome processes. At the end these points needs to be strictly taken care of for the correct choice of insurance cover that maximizes the benefits and covers crucial parts.


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