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  • 3 Dec, 2018 9:11 pm

Healthism savings card is an Indian Health card brand,working towards making healthcare affordable and accessible. Healthism specially saves money for out of pocket expenses. Expenses that are not covered my healt insurance and mediclaim.

Localized presence:

Our service providers are everywhere, so for employees living in different parts of the city and region, it becomes convenient to go to the local service provider.

Special privileged pricing:

Special privileged Pricing at various medical touch points like pathology labs, diagnostic centers, hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics, spa and wellness centers, pharmacies etc.
Fill the gaps of mediclaim:

Not every test is covered in mediclaim.For mediclaim, one needs to be hospitalized and admitted but with Healthism Family Health Savings Card, it’s not the case. One can avail discounts even if they are not hospitalized.
you get discounts even in places like dental care, wellness which are not covered by mediclaim.

One family one card:

This card is valid for year and can be used for the entire family.
There is no upper limit on the discount amount and you can use the card unlimited times.

Instant Discount:

You don’t have to wait for discount. These are on the spot cash discounts.(with few exceptions where you need to take prior appointment through us)

No outer limit on the discount:

There is no outer limit on how much discount one can get.

Discount on out of pocket expenses:

Healthism Savings Card helps you get discount on out of pocket expenses over and above mediclaim.

How it Works?
Activate the card:

Once you have the card, please visit our website and activate the card by providing your basic information like email id, name etc.

Find the discount providers on the website:

Whenever you wish to do certain test or need some healthcare service, visit Discount Providers Tab on the website and search for service providers in your area. Inside individual service providers’ details, you will find special offers where you will see the rate of discount they are offering.

One can also search the nearest discount providers by opening the website on their mobile phones and by clicking on the button Near Me and sharing their gaps location. It will display the nearest discount providers list.

Show your card at the centers and get discount:

Flash your Healthism Savings Card at the service provider center and ask them for the discount.( Few discount providers may require you prior appointment through )


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