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Google Doodle honours English scientist Lucy Wills for her work in discovering folic acid

Meha Kumari
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  • 11 May, 2019 8:30 pm

Google Doodle honoured English haematologist Lucy Wills on her 131st birth anniversary — a woman who was the pioneer in tackling prenatal anaemia during pregnancy. Born on this day in 1888, she is the prime reason behind why pregnant women around the world now take folic acid supplements. She was also among the very first women doing medical research in England. In 1911, she got a double honours degree in botany and geology from Cambridge University. She studied in three major institutions – the Cheltenham College for Young Ladies; Cambridge University’s Newnham College; and the London School of Medicine for Women, the first school in Britain to train female doctors. She also carried out a placebo trial involving routine iron supplementation in pregnant women during World War 2 amidst the bombing and other devastations caused by the war.


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