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Aster DM Healthcare announces launch of Aster Finance Service Centre

Meha Kumari
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  • 9 May, 2019 8:42 pm

Aster DM Healthcare announced the launch of Aster Finance Service Centre which shall be providing the following services:

Aster Easy Care: This service has been developed in association with Bajaj Finserv and Federal Bank to provide patient funding which can be repaid in monthly installments (EMIs) over a period of one year.

Crowd Funding Platforms: There are many patients who require large amount of money for tertiary and quaternary care, including transplants. It will support the end to end fund raising campaign for deserving patients.

Charity: Aster DM Foundation and Dr Moopen’s Family Foundation provide support to deserving needy and poor patients for full or partial subsidy, which shall now be channelised through Aster Finance Service Centre.
The hospitals for this include Aster Medcity Kochi, Aster MIMS Calicut, Aster MIMS Kottakkal, Aster CMI Hospital Bengaluru, Aster Aadhar Hospital Kolhapur, Aster Prime Hospital Hyderabad, Aster Ramesh Hospital Guntur, Aster Ramesh Hospital Vijayawada, Aster Ramesh Hospital MG Road, Aster Ramesh Hospital Ongole, DM WIMS Wayanad and upcoming two hospitals- Aster Hospital Kannur and Aster RV Hospital Bengaluru.


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