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Our customers are engaged on the website,on enquiry calls and through direct marketing.

We share an unique bond with our customers. We talk with each other,ask questions,seek advise,recommend and decide.



Reach the audiences that matter most.

Who are They?

Geographical,economic and physhographic profile

What do they do?

Habits and health profiles

How do we reach out to them?

Targeted communication based on segmentation,past interactions and engagements.

Media Vehicles we offer.

We offer traditional as well as out of the box creative media vehicles for grabbing attention of our customer with your art work keeping in mind your marketing objectives.

Banner ads

With more than 1 lakh unique visitors every month who are related healthcare and seeking healthcare related products and services, is a perfect platform for brands to advertise.

Stationary Branding

Sponsoring our Inmemorycare card kit which goes out to more than 1,50,000 families and used by more than 5 lakh people across India.Various options like leaflet inserts,carry back,envelop branding and many more.

Email & SMS Marketing

Special offer emailers and sms to our customer database.

If you are a brand owner and looking to promote your products & services,Give us a buzz or send a message here,we would love to hear from you.