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Revolutionary Healthism Savings Card reduces healthcare costs via discounts

Expecially for out of pocket expenses not covered by health insurance and mediclaim.

More than 50,000 centres give discounts to Healthism saving card holders

Healthism has tie up with various healthcare service providers for discounts on a pan India basis.

Healthcare pe savingsab ekdum aasaan!

Buy Healthism card and save on all your healthcare expenses

Find the Discount Providers

More than 50,000 discount providers are empanelled with Healthism.

Buy Healthism Card to reduce Healthcare costs

Healthism Card

About Healthism Card

Healthism Savings Card is a revolutionary approach to reduce healthcare costs. Healthism focuses majorly on expenses that are not covered by Health Insurance and mediclaim, like cost of medicines, dental care, pathology tests and diagnostic tests along with a host of other categories like wellness, gyms, spa, eye care, etc. An entire family can enjoy the benefits of the Healthism Savings Card membership and can avail get discounts at various Healthism Savings provider network centres.

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How It Works

Buy the card online or from the local retailers

Once you have bought the card, please visit our website and activate the card by providing your basic information like name, email id etc.

Find the discount providers on the website

Whenever you wish to do a certain test or need some healthcare service, visit discount providers link on the website and search for service providers in your area. Inside individual service provider details, you will find special offers where you will see the rate of the discount they are offering.

Show your card at the centers and get discount

Flash your Healthism Savings Card at the service provider centre and ask them for the discount.

Key Benefits of healthism saving card

  • Special privileged pricing
  • Affordable & instant discount
  • No outer limit on discount
  • Discount on out of pocket expenses for entire family
  • Preventive health check ups
  • Assured Discounts
  • Discounts on wellness

Top categories of saving providers

Healthism savings card helps you get discount on out of pocket expenses over and above mediclaims. Assured discounts in all medical and healthcare services.

here is what our members are saying
about healthism card

Its really beneficial to me as it fills the gap between categories of healthcare like diagnostic centres, spas and dental whose expenses are not included in health insurance. Even for instance for sudden ill and their is no insurance this card can work immediately. Really Great!!

A good way to minimize people's expenses on health and other treatments. Not just helps in health treatments but also in beauty, fitness and others.

Very innovative and mind blowing concept. Helps get amazing discounts not only for medical expenses but also for health related expenses such as spas n gyms.I have used the card at metropolis, jhankarias and muskan in Mumbai.the card is very well accepted n respected.

Very useful since I buy a lot of medicines for my family regularly.Plus now , now I can get discounts at spa and saloons and centers like vlcc which is very good for regular use.

Very useful and value for money. I have been using the card for more than a year now for buying the medicines and pathology tests.Have saved more than the price of the card in the last one years time.

Total utility product. I have used it couple of time for blood tests in malad and have got discount. I am happy with the service and prompt co-ordination by the customer care team.

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become a healthism partner

If you are a medical practitioner or a healthcare service provider, we would love to partner with you and your esteemed organization for extending a special discount to our card holders and members for the services provided by you. What will you get out of it:

  • The tie up is absolutely free of cost.
  • This will ensure more footfalls to your service centres and make a loyal customer base.
  • Word of mouth publicity.
  • Extended profitability for you since we will be like your extended ethical marketing arm at ZERO COST.
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